KUNZ is the leading supplier of aircraft wheel and brake service and overhaul equipment.  KUNZ Aircraft Wheel and Brake Shop Equipment is in use with all major airlines and MROs. It meets the challenging demands of the industry. KUNZ is committed to technical excellence and continuous progress and development in order to reduce operational costs in component service and overhaul and to manufacture durable, solid and user efficient equipment.

A leading supplier of aircraft wheel and brake services

KUNZ UAS Universal Assembly/Disassembly Stand for aircraft split wheels is an electro-hydraulically powered, one man operated wheel disassembly and build-up stand with comfortable working height adjustment.

KUNZ DUBB Dynamic Universal BeadBreaker has been specially designed for the latest generation of radial tires, such as Michelin NZG and Bridgestone RRR tires for A340-500/600, A380 and B787.

KUNZ WheelLift elevates aircraft wheels to comfortable working height for disassembly or assembly.


KUNZ is committed to technical excellence

The KUNZ Pre-Cleaning Station for aircraft wheels is used to increase the cleanliness of the wheel shop and to remove harmful carbon dust residues, preventing its inhalation by the operator.

KUNZ UTS Universal Torquing System. A dual spindle nut runner/setter system provides computer controlled torque for all aircraft wheels. The software for the KUNZ UTS is especially written for aircraft wheel torquing.

The KUNZ TTS Tire Test System comprises a test cage with a computerized inflation device for economical tire testing after the wheel build-up.

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