Shear and Shock Protection

Part Number: 828c19ceed6a
Brand: Tronair
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Protect your aircraft during towing with the towbar shock absorber from Tronair. This towbar shock absorber will prevent damage during the event of excessive loads while turning. Find everything you need for proper towing and taxiing of your aircraft at Tronair. Protect against excessive loads while turning with aircraft towbars and keep your aircraft safe!


  • Features:
  • Tension/Compression Shear - protects from excessive "pull" or "push" loads to nose gear.
  • Radial Shear - protects nose gear from excessive loads while turning. Attachment heads are made to break a shear pin if a safe turning load is exceeded; but head stays secured to towbar.
  • Dual Shear - attachment heads are made to break a shear pin if maximum turning load or straight overload limits are exceeded; but head stays secured to towbar.
  • Shear Protection: Some towheads will incorporate one of the shear formats, while others will incorporate tension/compression and/or radial shear protection.
  • Shock Absorber Protection:
  • All multi-head towbars incorporate a spring type shock absorber that protects the nose gear from shock loads encountered during normal towbar operation.

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