JT9/PW4000 Engine Transport Stand

Part Number: Model 3143
Brand: DAE
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DAE Engine Transport Stands feature elastomer shock isolation mount designs that keep natural frequencies between 7 and 10 Hz while reducing shock and vibration loads during shipment. This stand has been proof-loaded to OEM specifications. Model 3143 consists of separate base and cradle assemblies and provides convenient features to securely
transport all JT9 series engines and the following PW4000 series engines: PW4052, PW4056, PW4060, PW4062,
PW4062A, PW4152, PW4152A, PW4156, PW4156A, PW4158, PW4460, PW4462 (94″ fan engines). This stand
includes a bootstrap compliant cradle and bootstrap adapters.

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