Ground Power Unit, Tier 4 Final, 28.5 VDC Diesel

Part Number: cfc545deddc8
Brand: Tronair
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Tronair has a complete inventory of electrical ground power units! Find the exact one to fit your needs. With a variety of flow and pressure ranges, weights and motor horsepower, you're sure to find the one to fit your needs. They are widely used in the commercial, regional, and business aircraft environments. Packed with useful features, this electrical ground power units has an award-winning Doosan Tier 4f electronic engine such as quiet operation and a low profile and compact design, this aircraft ground power unit gets the job done. This ATA-24 electrical power unit is everything you need. We have a large supply of ground power units at the ready for your purchase.


  • Features:
  • Powered by the award winning Doosan Tier 4f electronic engine with full-authority electronic controls for more precise control over the performance of the engine
  • Extended service intervals using extended service filters and lubricants, up to 500 hours between scheduled service
  • Engine operates with Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel fuel
  • Fuel/water separator with water-in-fuel sensor and electronic indication
  • Large 35 gallon, high density cross-linked polyethylene fuel tank for 26 + hours of use
  • Low fuel warning and no fuel shutdown system
  • Shut down on low oil pressure and high engine temperature commonly seen listed as (LOP/HET protection)
  • 12 volt control and starting circuitry for easy cold weather starting
  • Automated glow plug control for cold weather starting
  • Large engine Digital Display and Diagnostics module (DDD), this is a multi-function tool to view engine parameters and fault codes
  • Automatic 60 second power off delay engine shutdown for turbo protection
  • 3 year engine warranty
  • Powerful 38kw, six phase alternator, rectifier and ripple filter for ultra low DC output ripple
  • Maintenance free, long life single bearing
  • Automatic voltage build-up and protection
  • Adjustable peak output current limiting control, 2,000 amp peak, 600 amp continuous output
  • Cable head voltage sensing and output voltage drop compensation system ensures full power is provided to aircraft
  • Aircraft cable head interlock circuit
  • Wiring and color code in accordance with CE, NFPA and NEC
  • 30 ft (9.1 m) DC output cable
  • Durable, compact, maneuverable, trailer mounted unit with fifth wheel steering
  • Front wheel scrub brake for simplicity
  • Weather resistant powder coated sheet metal to prevent corrosion
  • Corner lights and stack light
  • Large cable trays for easy cable stowage
  • Finish: Durable Powder Coat Tronair Blue

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