Certified Nitrogen Gauges and Regulators

Part Number: 5dade6c9b91e
Brand: Tronair
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If you need a Nitrogen gauge then Tronair has you covered. Find all of the nitrogen regulators you need for accurate filling of your aircraft tires. All fo the nitrogen gauge regulators at Tronair come with Certification documents and are protected by a rubber boot and filled with liquid for accuracy. Be confident when testing your Nitrogen and browse all of the landing gear equipment available. Tronair has all the aircraft servicing equipment you need to ensure your ride for take off and landing!


  • Features:
  • Certification documents are provided with all gauges
  • Service gauges protected by a rubber boot
  • Service gauges are liquid filled to maintain accuracy
  • Regulator Gauge Accuracy: ASME Grade B 3-2-3 (except 18-4216-6000: ± Full Scale 2.5%)
  • Gauge Accuracy: ± Full Scale 1.5%
  • Digital Gauge Accuracy: ± Full Scale .25%
  • All gauges require annual calibration
  • Storage container standard for Service and Pressure Gauges

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