95 Ton Floating Auto-Retract™ Axle Jack

Part Number: 95P10AR
Brand: Malabar
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The Model 95P10AR, is a 95-ton capacity, two stage hydraulic axle jack. This Jack has been designed primarily for use in jacking the main, or nose landing gear of aircraft however can.

The jack consists of:

  • •Two stage cylinder assembly mounted on a spherical bearing. This bearing allows the jack ship adaptor to follow the arc of the aircraft's jack point. As a result, this greatly reduces the stress on the jack’s cylinder assembly as well as the aircraft.
  • •Base assembly
  • •Frame/reservoir assembly
  • •Valve block assembly
  • •Hand pump assembly. This contains 2 hand pumps. Firstly, a high pressure, low volume, for heavy loads. Secondly, a low pressure, high volume for contacting jacking points.
  • •Control console

Malabar's Jacks are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and rugged use with features such as:

  • •Hard chrome plated cylinder and plunger bores
  • •All unpainted parts are plated to resist corrosion
  • •Skydrol resistant paint (safety yellow)
  • •Proof load tested to 125% of rated capacity at factory (118.75 T).

Patented floating cylinder assembly allows unit to track arc of landing gear jack point. As a result, this eliminates excessive side loads on jack and landing gear, providing safer operation and extending jack life.

Double acting, auto-retract cylinder assembly, incorporates a fluid bath for sealing surfaces, therefore minimising corrosion and extending seal life. It also includes Skydrol resistant seals and bronze upper bearings for longer service life.

Auto-retract plungers remain fully retracted, while the jack is being towed or in storage. This helps to protect against corrosion and contaminants, it also helps prevent accidental damage.

Single valve control for simple aircraft raising and lowering.

Auto-retract feature returns Jack to fully retracted position, automatically when not in use.

Hydraulic fuse at the cylinder assembly prevents lowering of load in the event of a hose failure.

8-inch diameter, heavy duty, swivel casters, and retractable front wheel with Skydrol resistant tread. The tow handle actuated front wheel also provides improved ground clearance for towing.

Oil filter cap with filtered air vent and dipstick.

Comes with a 1-year standard warranty.

Fully enclosed in shipping container and includes skid.

For more information, manuals, and specifications, see Malabar's website at: https://malabar.com/product/95p10ar/.

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